The Catch: Shrimp

From May until October, Danny Galloway spends five days a week on his boat following shrimp. It’s a tough, often unrewarding trade. But it’s the only life this Varnamtown native has ever known.

The Road: U.S. Highway 64 East

A storm can turn a typically straight and open road to the ocean into a slow and blind trudge through rain. For the writer, the limited vision provides perspective on something of far greater meaning, and the road leads to an unexpected end.

The Narrator’s Arc

Few people enjoy hearing a good story more than Jeff Polish. But when the Chapel Hill resident created The Monti, a live storytelling venue for amateurs, he had no idea how much he would learn just by listening to himself.

Where The Road Ends

For 500 years, wild mustangs have roamed the dunes of Corolla, foraging for food and raising their young. As development pushes them into tighter folds, Wesley Stallings stands between the horses and the perils that threaten them.

The Story of the Greensboro Four and the Sit-In Movement

When four young men took their seats at a lunch counter more than 50 years ago, they had no intentions of leaving and no idea what would happen. Such a simple act, denied them for so long, reignited the civil rights movement throughout the South. Today, the lunch counter and the seats are preserved at the same South Elm Street location in Greensboro as part of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, giving all of us the chance to experience North Carolina’s place in the movement toward equality.