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Meet the Maker: NC Bee Exchange

It all started with a cup of tea. Peter Henkenjohann’s wife was a huge tea lover, and she wanted her very own honey to put in her brew each day. “Basically, my wife started harassing me,” Henkenjohann says, laughing. “To put a stop to that, I decided to put some beehives in our backyard. I told her, ‘These are your bees. Please stop harassing me.’”

Shortly after the hives went in, the couple found out that the bees would not be the only new addition to the household. “We decided that while she was pregnant, she shouldn’t be getting stung by bees,” Henkenjohann says. “So it kind of backfired on me and I ended up having to take care of the bees after all.”

But the couple’s honey harvest became much more than a tasty addition to a cup of tea. Today, the Albemarle couple sells pure, minimally filtered honey in a variety of flavors, f

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