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The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Running

Maybe you’ve taken up running lately. A lot of people have! Well then, whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to Paul “Hardrock” Simpson of Burlington, who:

• Raced against a horse. And almost won.
• Ran across the United States, from Los Angeles to New York. Twice.
• Chose to run his 12-mile mail carrier route in Burlington. His boss made him stop because the “other carriers didn’t do the same.”
• Thought he was in good enough shape to join the Marines at age 38 because of, you know, all of the running.
• Ran his age in miles on his birthday, starting when he was 40. He continued until he was 58.

Hardrock Simpson’s life was an endless collection of anecdotes, many embellished, almost all of them colorful. He was born in 1904. As a kid, he ran back and forth to the store, two miles away, because it just took less time than walking. H

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