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Merry Elegance

Christmas 1923 was Katharine Reynolds’s last at Reynolda House. The holiday was a private time for this family of public prominence, yet through menu cards and mementos archived at the estate, we glimpse a time of splendid celebration and one woman’s generous spirit.

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A Dainty Cup of Christmas Eve

Dessert or drink? Hard to say when recipes once called for lime sherbet, cups of sugar, and jars of cherries. But there’s nothing quite like classic punch to quench our thirst for the festive.

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Made in NC: Bryson Mountain Studio

Two craftsmen turn their love of the state’s mountain landscape into showstopping picture frames and mirrors, which won them the top prize in the Home and Garden category of the 2018 Made in NC Awards.

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Made in NC: ShoeBeeDo

A longtime leatherworker in Concord crafted her passion into the perfect handbag, which won the top prize in the Style category of the 2018 Made in NC Awards.

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The Everything Root

A cure-all to many, wild ginseng is still hunted and sold in Blue Ridge counties. Protecting it takes vigilance, know-how, and, sometimes, even a stakeout.


Ambition Blooms

In flower and gardening categories, State Fair competitors with green thumbs (or not) pin their hopes on plants that often have a mind of their own.

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Meet the Maker: Belle le Verre

Catawba County artist Marietta Burke lets her passion and talent shine through her stunning stained-glass creations.

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Our State Gift Guide 2018

Make gift-giving a breeze this season with the help of our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring a variety of North Carolina products and experiences curated for everyone on your list.

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Made in NC: Recycling is for the birds!

A bird lover’s passion for preserving local history comes alive through his unique birdhouse creations, which won the top prize in the 2018 Made in NC Awards.