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Preservation Villages: Corolla Village

We remember who came before us and what they did and where they lived. We respect our past, and we preserve it. In Corolla, a woman gives the town its own schoolhouse again.
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Water Ways

If you wanted to fish or duck hunt in Currituck County and its namesake sound, you needed to know the man who knew the water. For visitors a long way from home, that man was Frank Carter, a beloved, trusted sporting guide for almost 50 years.
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Where The Road Ends

For 500 years, wild mustangs have roamed the dunes of Corolla, foraging for food and raising their young. As development pushes them into tighter folds, Wesley Stallings stands between the horses and the perils that threaten them.
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When Lightning Hits Sand

Most people don’t notice the gray lumps. They look like concrete leftovers, not particularly attractive, even for a rock. But Phil Greene sees something more as he walks the beach along Corolla. When he picks up fulgurite, he’s holding petrified energy. And that’s worth holding on to.
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Drive Along the Beach Road

For 148 miles, N.C. Highway 12 courses through the Outer Banks, taking travelers to a variety of vistas and experiences.
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Close to Home

Norris Austin had plenty of reasons to leave Corolla, but the lifelong native never found any strong enough to make him pull up roots that run generations deep.
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