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Heber Guthrie in the lightkeeper uniform of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Heber Guthrie

Born on Harkers Island and the great-grandson of a lightkeeper, Heber Guthrie now dons the visage of former lightkeepers to inspire a sense of Down East pride in younger generations.

John Havel with books, documents and replicas associated with the Hatteras Lighthouse

John Havel

For the son of an ironworker, the intricate railings and Italianate brackets of the Hatteras Lighthouse sparked a lifelong infatuation with America’s most iconic lighthouse.

Dale Mutro

Dale Mutro

For a born and raised “O’cocker,” the lighthouse was an abiding presence throughout Dale Mutro childhood’s. As an adult, he has helped tell the tower’s story.

Meghan Agresto and dog inside the Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Meghan Agresto

In Corolla, one lighthouse keeper follows in the footsteps of generations of lightkeepers, taking care of the grounds and welcoming curious visitors into the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

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