Editor’s Column

When Life Was So Tender

Everything was brand new. A time to start over. This was our chance to make a clean break.

It Was a Good Lunch

I miss those meals. I miss being handed a tray of something, no choices.

A Midsummer Classic

Here is July 1: the 182nd day of the year, the halfway point, the midsection of 2014, with 183...

Animal Rescue

I hope that whatever you’re running toward, it’s a mighty good place.

Sea Change

Don’t you think we come to the beach because we want to stop moving? The road ends, we can’t...

What These Words Can Do

In eliminating poetry from our lives, we miss discovering a pursuit of pleasure that we didn’t even know we...

The Magic of the Movies

The pictures may look the same on screen, but we can no longer legitimately call them “films.”

And Dance by the Light of the Moon

From the living room, which faces east, they’ll see it rise. I’ll bet it’ll be bright. I’ll bet it’ll...

How Lovely It Was

Before I was old enough for midnight movies or grown-up parties or Champagne dinners, I spent every New Year’s...