Alan Hodge

Alan Hodge was raised in Belmont and Charlotte. He has written Our State’s monthly quiz for over 25 years. He is a freelance writer based in Charlotte with four first and second place statewide awards from the NC Press Assoc. and the NC Press Club for community news reporting.


Our State Quiz: Big & Tall

With branches that reach high above the forest floor and trunks too wide to wrap your arms around, these trees are our champions.

Arts & Culture

Our State Quiz: On the Air

For many North Carolinians in the mid-20th century, these beloved local TV and radio personalities seemed like part of the family.


Our State Quiz: Cozy Critters

While we’re gathered ’round the fireplace with blankets and hot cocoa, animals across the state are staying warm in their own ways.


Our State Quiz: Fresh Catch

North Carolina’s commercial fishermen work year-round to bring coastal delights from the ocean to your plate.


Our State Quiz: Resting Place

In historic cemeteries across the state, North Carolinians from all walks of life lie bound by the earth to their Carolina home.