Alan Hodge

Alan Hodge was raised in Belmont and Charlotte. He has written Our State’s monthly quiz for over 25 years. He is a freelance writer based in Charlotte with four first and second place statewide awards from the NC Press Assoc. and the NC Press Club for community news reporting.


Our State Quiz: Cozy Critters

While we’re gathered ’round the fireplace with blankets and hot cocoa, animals across the state are staying warm in their own ways.


Our State Quiz: Fresh Catch

North Carolina’s commercial fishermen work year-round to bring coastal delights from the ocean to your plate.


Our State Quiz: Resting Place

In historic cemeteries across the state, North Carolinians from all walks of life lie bound by the earth to their Carolina home.


Our State Quiz: Below the Surface

With more than 5,000 shipwrecks lying off our shores, it’s no wonder that the North Carolina coast is known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.


Our State Quiz: Farm Favorites

From apples in the west to sweet potatoes in the east — plus everything in between — North Carolina grows some of the country’s finest crops. Test your North Carolina produce knowledge.