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Burger Time

In the 1950s, as Americans hit freshly paved roads in shiny new cars during the postwar boom, a new kind of restaurant took shape: the drive-in. From those first thin patties to the elaborate gourmet hamburgers of today, North Carolina has spent the past 80 years making burger history.

Best Seat in the House

The brilliant greens of our forests and valleys, the chirping of cicadas, the cool relief of our breezes: Settle in on porches across the state to soak up the sights and sounds of North Carolina, one gentle rock at a time.

Passing the Plate

Lenox and Spode. John Aynsley and Meissen. These names are more than just brands of china to Mindi Truitt — they’re lifelong companions. Through countless childhood moves, death, and divorce, beautiful plates and glasses have given Truitt a renewed sense of joy and strengthened her family ties.

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