Sheri Castle

Sheri Castle hails from Watauga County, but came down off the mountain to go to Carolina and now lives in Fearrington Village. She is a writer, recipe developer, cooking teacher, and popular public speaker. She is fueled by mountains, excellent bourbon, farmers’ markets, and searching for the right word. Sheri believes that stories happen only to those who can tell them. Check her out at


Meet The Biscuit Woman at Flo’s Kitchen in Wilson

For more than two decades, hungry folks from Wilson and beyond have started their day with a hearty breakfast from the drive-through at Flo’s Kitchen.


Generations of Love in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Many family heirlooms are too fragile to use often, if ever. A well-seasoned skillet is different. Everyday use enriches its flavor, and its story.


The Best Way to Eat Collard Greens is to Sip Them

Don’t toss that broth! Potlikker — the liquid left behind after boiling collards — is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s delicious.


Persimmons are North Carolina’s First Frost Fruits

A windfall in more ways than one, persimmons are a prize that rewards patience: The fruit isn’t sweet and juicy until it hits the ground. But oh, is it worth the wait.


The Curb Appeal of Roadside Produce Stands

Maters! Corn! Cukes! Follow the hand-painted signs to a whole meal’s worth of fresh produce, right on the side of the road.


Pop Goes The Cake: Soda-Infused Recipes

North Carolina’s favorite sodas add a sweet twist to three classic cakes. Load up your picnic table with these irresistible treats.