Editor's Column

A Special Letter from the Editor

As we watch the heartbreaking news from Eastern North Carolina, we are reminded that the places where we find peace and beauty can become destructive and deadly. Our hearts and prayers are with the residents in the places hardest hit by rising flood waters.


4 Outer Banks Ghost Stories That’ll Spook This Halloween

No place in North Carolina stirs the imagination quite like the Outer Banks. Remote, untamed, and mystifying, our state’s stretch of barrier islands is rich with lore that’s been preserved through generations.


Black Bears Are Making a Coastal Comeback

Once a symbol of the mountain woods, black bears are now thriving — and eating well — on the Coastal Plain.


Autumn Thrills: October 2016 Book Picks

During the spookiest month of the year, these four new mysteries with North Carolina ties will give you chills that have nothing to do with dropping temperatures.


Hop, Skip, and Splash Your Way Through the Davidson River

When trail meets river, don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wet side. Skip the bridge, and walk right through the Davidson River — just remember your water shoes.