Photo Essay: The Carolina Scots

‘Tis true: More people in the state of North Carolina claim Scottish ancestry than currently live in the country of Scotland. In fields, churches, traditions, history books, beaches — and certainly in our surnames — our Scottish connections shine through and live on.


New Lullabies, Rooted in Nature

Three local artists, an author, song-writer, and illustrator, collaborate to write a new, positive spin on the classic nursery rhyme “Rock-a-bye Baby,” in the form of a children’s book and lullaby album.


Our State Great Eight: March Madness

In this month of bracket rivalries, we created a tournament to find the champion food, phrase, or icon that represents us best. Follow the link below to the “Most North Carolina” bracket and cast your vote online.

Home & Garden

In Celebration of Camellias

From its annual flower show — this year marks the 70th anniversary — to the canopy of petals at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Fayetteville knows how to celebrate this Carolina charmer.


Reflecting on the Past: March Book Picks

They say that time heals all wounds, and for most of us, that’s true: Time obscures our views of a ragged past. For writers, however, memories are reflective lenses used to observe personal histories, providing stark recollections charged with truth, not mellowed by time.


The Great Migration of Glass Eels

In spring, waterways across North Carolina — perhaps even the creek out back — teem with countless wiggly, barely visible eels.