Pilgrimage to Portsmouth

An old church bell rings, and an abandoned barrier island springs back to life. For those who make the biennial journey to this once-bustling shipping and fishing village, there’s comfort in the ritual of remembering.


The Last House Call

A retired Greenville pediatrician returns to his ancestral homestead to mend the house’s old bones, heal its wetlands and preserve a family history that has long captivated him.


Supper with the Cherokee Trio: Corn, Beans, and Squash

The Cherokee trio of corn, beans, and squash have long been grown together for a more robust harvest and superior flavor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll see them all on one plate. (Well, maybe, if you know where to look.)


Photo Essay: Native North Carolina

Our eight state-recognized tribes each have their own stories and traditions, but they share an important bond, too: a love of this land that traces back to the first people who called it home.


Ramblin’ Man: The Coharie Queen

Joyce Locklear knows the tribe’s dances because she danced them. She knows its struggles because she lived them. She knows the next generation because she taught them.


The Joys of Coming Home

When you’re gathering together with loved ones — family in the mountains, friends on the coast, classmates somewhere in between — it doesn’t matter what you bring or wear, as long as you are there.

Home & Garden

The Heart of a Hutch

Whether an honored heirloom or a flea market find, a hutch holds treasured memories among the china.