Richmond County’s seat has a long history of perseverance, generosity, and teamwork. Now it has NASCAR back, and new hope.

October 2011

North Carolina’s High Road: The Cherohala Skyway

Only 18 miles of the Cherohala Skyway run across North Carolina. But those miles, cutting and rising above the Great Smoky Mountains, are some of the prettiest you’ll drive anywhere.

October 2011

Into the Forest: Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 3,800 acres of unchecked wilderness. Here, centuries-old trees scrape the sky and shelter a natural world that reminds us of our place on this planet.



Three waterways lead into town, and two roadways lead out, but few people who come here ever find reason to leave.

October 2011

Batman of Swain County: Keith Bruce

Lifelong adventurer Keith Bruce, a retired dentist, flies into his later years on a zip line and the belief that life should be a ride.


The Dark Hole: Civil War Prison Camps

At first, soldiers from both North and South return to their regiments in prisoner-of-war exchanges. But when officials end the old system in hopes of diminishing the slaughter, captured soldiers face death in the prison camps. (Volume 1, Part 6)


Bending Barbecue Tradition: Luella’s

At Luella’s Bar-B-Que, customers find enough familiarity to make them comfortable and enough diversity to remind them they’re in Asheville.


The Oyster Way

It’s sometimes raw and sometimes steamed and sometimes fried. It never moves. But it always works. And we should be kinder to it. The oyster is good to us.


Mount Gilead

Nearly 1,000 years ago, the Pee Dee made a village out of this land on the southern edge of the Uwharrie Mountains. Today, their ceremonial center is preserved at Town Creek Indian Mound, and their humble spirit persists in the people who now make Mount Gilead home.