Full-Time Painter

A man in New Bern closes his art-supply store and finds success when he starts painting for a living.


The Tiniest Homes

After building a dollhouse with her grandchildren, a High Point woman decided to continue the craft — and created dozens of intricate, miniature homes.


An Eclectic Mix in Belhaven

This eastern town along the Pungo River catches an eclectic mix of travelers. Each one adds another line to the curious story of this place.


The Return of Swing

Twice a month, a group of friends gather in the Piedmont and relive the glory days of the jitterbug and swing dance.


Down by the River

From a warehouse that stored roots and herbs, to a store that sold fertilizer, to the present-day restaurant, this building in Todd has always served the community.


Daily. Special.

The bean-and-bacon soup is legendary. The banana splits are delicious. Although only seven restaurants exist in the state now, whittled from 42 nearly a half-century ago, Mayberry still creates simple traditions for its customers.

June 2013

The Queen of Kahdalea

For nearly a quarter-century, Anne Trufant has run two summer camps outside of Brevard — one for girls, one for boys. In these children, she’s instilled confidence, ambition, and skills that transcend the boundaries of their beloved summer getaway.


A Kid (Still) Needs Camp

YMCA camps — Camp Sea Gull (for boys), Camp Seafarer (for girls) and Camp Hanes (for both) — fill a new generation of campers with a season of memories.


Memories of Camp Yonahlossee

Before she was an acclaimed novelist, she was a camp kid. Although it’s been long since closed, author Susan Kelly’s golden-tinged memories of Camp Yonahlossee draw her back.