Erin Reitz

Erin Reitz is a former digital content specialist at Our State.

Arts & Culture

Fresh, Southern Sounds: Spring Playlist

As the flowers blossom, birds are singing a different tune. Celebrate the start of spring with our playlist that features the latest music from North Carolina artists. All from forthcoming albums, these songs are just begging to be listened to with the windows rolled down.


Carolina Classic: The Homeplace

Welcome back to the place that shines a little brighter, glows a little warmer, than anywhere else. This month, we explore living spaces from Biltmore to birdhouses with one question in mind: Why do North Carolinians refer to their “homeplace,” not their house or their abode or even their home place? Here’s what we think: … Continued

Arts & Culture

Readers’ Choice: 2014 Story of the Year

With every issue of Our State, our mission is to tell good stories that capture the true essence of the people and places that make North Carolina unique. Read some of the most popular stories from the year and see the results below.

Arts & Culture

Readers’ Choice: 2014 Cover of the Year

Each Our State cover is meticulously selected for its ability to capture the essence of the issue and to tell a story all its own. Click on the images below to view the covers and see the results at the bottom of the page.

Arts & Culture

Readers’ Choice: 2014 Recipe of the Year

In 2014, our food bloggers and recipe testers were busy in the kitchen creating dishes that celebrated classic Southern recipes and locally-inspired flavors. Which of these recipes was your favorite? Click on the images to learn more and find the recipe links then see the results.