“Our State” has received a total of 15 Emmy® Awards since the series began in 2004, and it is consistently recognized for the quality of its story content and production values. It is produced by UNC-TV in partnership with Our State magazine and with the generous support of BB&T.

“It is so gratifying to see the talented team at UNC-TV bring the pages of Our State to life in our television series,” says Amy Wood Pasquini, marketing development director of Our State magazine and executive producer of content for “Our State.” “I am honored to work with them and grateful to BB&T for their commitment to the show.”

Inspired by the pages of Our State magazine, UNC-TV’s half-hour series “Our State” shares compelling stories through stunning high-definition videography and thoughtful narration. “Our State” airs Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. on UNC-TV.


Award: Historic/Cultural Program Feature

Our State Episode 701: Mule Rider/To the Lighthouse, UNC-TV, Morgan Potts, David Hardy, Amy Pasquini, Jay Cartwright, Brian Faulkner, Mike Burke, Karen Pearce, Glenn Abbey, Grant Dennis, Fred Story, Mike Milstead

Award: Historic/Cultural Program Feature

Our State: Elizabeth Keckly, UNC-TV, David Hardy, Jay Cartwright, Amy Pasquini, Mike Burke, Mike Milstead, Alton Chewning, Grant Dennis, Fred Story

Award: Director/Program and Photographer/Program

Our State: East Fork Pottery, UNC-TV, Morgan Potts (Director), UNC-TV, Mike Burke (Photographer)

Award: Music Composer/Arranger

Our State: Lighter Than Air, Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Fred Story

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Erin Reitz is a former digital content specialist at Our State.