The January 2020 Issue

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From Elizabeth Hudson: The Best Seat in the House

by Elizabeth Hudson

When it was too cold to sit on the front porch or walk to the neighbors’, a chair just big enough for 6-year-old Elizabeth and her grandmother became her favorite spot to while away a winter’s day.

Quiz: North Carolina Public (Art) Works

by Alan Hodge

The federal New Deal program funded the creation of thousands of murals, wood carvings, and sculptures in the 1930s and ’40s — many of which can still be found in North Carolina post offices and government buildings today.


Welcome Home

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North Carolina Events Calendar: February-March 2020

by Our State Staff

Ways to play this month in the Old North State.

Downtown: Gastonia

by Jodi Helmer

This rapidly growing city is attracting new fans, who are weaving together past and present in former mills and old theaters.

Vert & Vogue

by Christina Cooke

R&R Brewing

by Emily Cataneo

Milton Bullock Embraces the
Rhythm of the Rails

by Mark Kemp

A former member of The Platters brings the group’s soulful sound to North Carolina trains.

Griffin Carrick Design

by Sophie Shaw

A Love Note to North Carolina:
Let It Sleet

by Drew Perry

An ode to the magic — and music — of snow’s icy cousin.


McDowell Local Dishes Up a Foothills Feast

by Drew Perry

In McDowell County, there’s a cardinal rule of eating local: Food should always be fun.

Seafood Bisque

by Community Cookbook Series

This delicious bisque recipe comes from The Bateman Clan Cookbook, includes recipes from five generations of the family.

Brunswick Stew

by Lynn Wells

During the chilliest months of the year, we’ll take our barbecue in a bowl.

Navy Bean & Ham Bone Soup

by Lynn Wells

A classic, hearty soup that pairs perfectly with a side of cornbread.

Oyster Stew with Melted Brie

by Lynn Wells

Our oyster stew is coastal — with a continental twist.

Perfect Winter Weekends

Taking The Plunge: WinterFest in Blowing Rock

by Mark Kemp

You don’t have to dress up like the Statue of Liberty, but the curious customs of WinterFest are much more fun if you embrace the madcap spirit and dive right in.

Enjoy a Roof With a View at The Horton Hotel

by C.A. Carlson

A Boone couple converted an old downtown Studebaker dealership into a luxurious hotel where a community gathers under the mountain sky.

A Perfect Winter Weekend in Beech Mountain

by Leigh Ann Henion

The highest town east of the Rockies draws some 10,000 people during the winter months — to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled, tube, and cap it all off with a beer in a bar in the sky.

Lucky Pennies of the Sea: Winter Shelling on Bear Island

by Cate Doty

In the off-season, Swansboro boat captain Darryl Marsh ferries intrepid shell seekers to the quietest slips of beach, where a bonanza of sand dollars and other treasure awaits.


Forsyth Seafood Market Brings a Beaufort Bounty to Winston-Salem

by Debbie Moose

True to their Beaufort heritage, a mother and daughter bring the bounty of the coast to their Winston-Salem fish market and restaurant, where seafood and friendship keep spirits afloat.

5 Western Destinations Create Heartfelt and Handwoven Textiles

by Katie Saintsing

North Carolina’s textile traditions are alive and well in the mountains, where handloom weavers and fiber mills add new stories to the warp and weft.

Meet the (Lady) Beetles

by Jared Misner

A quiet winter weekend getaway to the Jackson County woods is interrupted by a family of noisy neighbors. It’s not exactly a British Invasion, but these cute little critters have taken cabin culture by storm.

The 1960s: A Dynamic Decade

by Philip Gerard

Momentum has been building, and by the early 1960s, the payoff is clear: Now in the national spotlight, North Carolina enters an era of action and activism.

Family Trees Hold Memories of Those Who Came Before

by T. Edward Nickens

As the landscape changes around it, a homestead oak preserves those who lived beneath its boughs, so many years ago.


If You Give a Kid a Goat Cart

by Jeremy Markovich

A discovery of archival photographs begged the question: Did everyone have a goat cart in the 1930s?