Toad & Wee: Strike It Rich

Young prospectors head to Hiddenite hoping for gemstones. Yet the most priceless nugget they uncover may be the lesson that value is in the eye of the beholder.

Decades Series

The Home of the Airborne

After the Great War, the army planned to mothball a sandhills airfield. But when the United States is pulled into another conflict, the base is reborn with a new purpose and a new name: Fort Bragg.


A Literary Loft in Wilmington

Bedtime stories take on new meaning at a downtown Wilmington bookshop, where there’s no shame in dozing off with a good book.


The Magic of a Local Bookshop

Your local bookshop is more than a cozy retreat: It holds thousands of lives, millions of truths, the comfort of countless stories — and, as one novelist found out, always a little magic.

Home & Garden

Market Value in High Point

The largest home furnishings trade show in the world has been making High Point a destination for more than a century.

Home & Garden

Homes We Love: A Storied Stay in Brevard

When Thomas Wolfe finally came home again, he found his way to
Partridge Hill in Brevard, where his literary friend Hamilton Basso
lived and wrote nine novels. Now, you can pay a visit, too.