Venus Flytrap, Native to Green Swamp

The delicate plant may be deadly to some insects, but its future is so imperiled that collecting the herbaceous hunter in the wild is a felony in North Carolina.


Nature Essay: Meet Sassafras

Get acquainted with the scent, flavor, and legend of the shrub that thinks it’s a tree.


Capturing Carolina on a Canvas

A North Carolina artist — and acclaimed author — invites us to join him to paint his favorite scene, en plein air.


Photo Essay: Collecting Carolina

We North Carolinians are seekers of sentiments and preservers of the past, and the Liberty Antiques Festival makes sure we find those treasures.


Ramblin’ Man: Where Beginning Meets End

The fall line between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain is a geologic marvel that has shaped the lives of North Carolinians for centuries. So why has it been relegated to trivia question status?


T. Gilbert Pearson, the Man Who Loved the Birds

More than a century ago, T. Gilbert Pearson worked tirelessly to save the birds of North Carolina and the world. His legacy persists today, along with the park he created for them.