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Joyce Farms chicken eggs and Poulet Rouge chicken.

Flock Together

Since 1962, the family behind Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem has adapted to a changing agricultural landscape. By choosing heritage breeds, they make it possible for small-scale farmers to do what they love, and for North Carolina chefs to serve their poultry with pride.

The Power of Love in Denton

Over five days in Davidson County, ag enthusiasts show off antique tractors, combines, and mowers with pride. At the Southeast Old Threshers’ Reunion, memories of the farming life — and the beloved engines that have powered it — endure.

The Kids Are All Right

The most popular club at some North Carolina high schools is nearly a century old, but it’s as relevant as ever. Energized and optimistic, members of the Future Farmers of America are shaping the state’s agricultural path forward — not just in fields, but in labs and offices, too.

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