photograph by Farmstead Golf Links

The signature hole at Farmstead Golf Links in Calabash is the last one: a 767-yard par 6, which was once the fourth-longest golf hole in the world. That in itself would be enough to raise some eyebrows, but the 18th has an added bonus: Golfers tee off in South Carolina and putt in North Carolina. The course itself straddles the border, although the bulk of it — including the clubhouse — is in Brunswick County. You can buy a beer from a beverage cart if you want, but the cart can’t cross the state line into South Carolina.

The border-straddling wasn’t part of the original plan. Part of the course sits on what used to be a North Carolina farm owned by the McLamb family since 1939. When W.J. McLamb wanted to get in on the golf craze of the mid-1990s, there was a problem. “To have enough space to do what I needed to do,” he says, “the property I needed was in South Carolina.” McLamb bought it up and opened Farmstead in 1998, and today, parts of six holes are in the Palmetto State.

Farmstead Golf Links
541 McLamb Road
Calabash, NC 28467
(910) 575-7999

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