Jeremy Markovich

Markovich is a senior editor/writer at Our State, and a former special content producer for NBC Charlotte. He has won two 2011 regional Emmy Awards and regional Edward R. Murrow awards along with the 2011 Green Eyeshade award for Magazine Feature Writing, the 2010 National City and Regional Magazine Award for Personality Profile, the 2010 Clarion Award for a Magazine Feature Article, and the 2010 Green Eyeshade Award’s Best-In-Show for Non Daily Print Journalism.


The Improbable 7.6-Second NHL Career of Jorge Alves

Jorge Alves went from washing Carolina Hurricanes jerseys to wearing one. Last season, when the team’s beloved equipment manager took the ice as an emergency goalie, he didn’t expect his moment of glory to last quite this long.


The Man Who Built Charlotte

Hugh McColl — always brash, bold, and thinking big — reshaped the banking industry in the United States, and turned a medium-size city into a metropolis. And he’s not done yet.


When the Water Comes: Decoration Day

Every year, an old family cemetery tucked in the woods on the northern shore of Fontana Lake becomes a gathering place. One woman, whose parents and grandparents worked this land, returns to ensure that a Southern mountain tradition carries on — rain or shine.


Where Lumber Ruled, Nature Reigns on Lake Logan

On a remote lake in Haywood County, just beyond earshot of Canton’s paper-mill whistle, a forgotten getaway for timber barons tells a story of commerce, conservation, and the true value of trees.