Jeremy Markovich

Jeremy Markovich is a digital manager, writer, and podcast host at Our State.


Saving, the Family Business

In 1899, Erasmus Midgett saved 10 people from a shipwreck off the North Carolina coast — and started a family tradition.


Away Message’s Season 3, Episode 2: A Rescue In The Gorge

On May 7, 2016, a hiker fell hundreds of feet down a mountainside, and ended up in a treacherous spot in North Carolina’s most rugged place. This is the story of a rescue that took hours and a recovery that took months — one that shows how unforgiving the wilderness can be.


The Cowman of Caswell County

A trained engineer with a love of farming found his calling in rolling green hills and a herd of white, French cows.


The Python with a Purple Heart

How a soldier rescued a Burmese python from a dinner table during the Vietnam War and brought it back to North Carolina.


Away Message Podcast

Our State’s podcast goes the distance to reveal hard-to-find stories across North Carolina.