The September 2015 Issue

Photography by John Gessner, Sara Brennan, and Matt Hulsman

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Editor’s Welcome

One of Us

by Elizabeth Hudson

Our State Quiz

Temperatures and Tempests

by Alan Hodge

State Symbol

A Toast to the Scuppernong

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Carolina Classic: The Porch

A Preference for Porches

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Southeast Meets Southwest

by Susan Stafford Kelly

The Porchscapes of Beaufort

by Elena Dolman

Field Trip

All Noise, All the Time

by Drew Perry


A Wall of Sand

by John H. Tucker

The New Old North State

A Taste of Laos in Morganton

by Katy Clune


A Sauce for All Seasons

by Jill Warren Lucas

Recipes: Last Call for Corn

by Wendy Perry

The Brightest Alley in Durham

by Daniel Wallace

Photo Essay

Mountain Apples

Crisp and crunchy, peeled or as-is, the favored fruit of a western North Carolina autumn.

Features: The Voice Issue

The Power of Voice

Just as a journalist’s career took off, cancer threatened it all.
by Tommy Tomlinson

Rhiannon Giddens

Our native songbird hits the big gigs, and the big time.
by Tommy Tomlinson

Surrounded by Silence

Born deaf, Jane Fernandes now leads conversations as Guilford College’s president.
by Jeremy Markovich

Carolina’s Poet

Memories of growing up in rural North Carolina inspire the state’s poet laureate.
by Shelby Stephenson

Somethin’ to Holler About

Tony Peacock helps preserve a piece of North Carolina’s heritage — very loudly.
by Joe Newberry

Live From The Monti

Think storytelling’s simple? Hop onstage at The Monti.
by Drew Perry

Sound Waves

Radio Hatteras and the personality keeping Outer Banks islanders in tune.
by Susan Stafford Kelly

Who Speaks for the River?

A riverkeeper tends the waterway that he’s known since birth.
by Kevin Maurer

100 Voices from 100 Counties

In North Carolina, we don’t speak with just one voice.
by Jeremy Markovich

Out & About

Reader, Meet Writer

by Alexa Dysch

NC Native

Lance Crackers