April 2015

Vegan, Reinvented at Asheville’s Plant Restaurant

Here’s what you won’t find at Asheville’s Plant restaurant: meat, dairy, or eggs. What will you find? A creative menu unlike any you’ve seen — or tasted.

April 2015

NC Towns Foster Friendships with Sister Cities

Many North Carolina towns have formed lasting partnerships with cities across the globe, proving it’s the mutual mission of diplomacy — not the miles separating us — that matters.

Arts & Culture

Fresh, Southern Sounds: Spring Playlist

As the flowers blossom, birds are singing a different tune. Celebrate the start of spring with our playlist that features the latest music from North Carolina artists. All from forthcoming albums, these songs are just begging to be listened to with the windows rolled down.


In Cleveland County, Livermush is King

In grits, on white bread, or scrambled with eggs, this Cleveland County staple is much more than “Southern weird.”

Arts & Culture

BRÖÖ Takes Beer “Saloon to Salon” with Shampoo

An Asheville couple taps into the local creative industry with a beer shampoo line, BRÖÖ. What other beauty company bottles shampoo in a six-pack?