Kathleen Purvis

Purvis is the food editor for The Charlotte Observer. She is the author of two Savor the South Cookbooks: Pecans and Bourbon. Purvis has been cookbook awards chair for the James Beard Awards since 2000.


Two Churches, One Table

Thanksgiving has always been about coming together. For a pair of churches in Wilmington, this year’s holiday menu is inspired by a new cookbook that connects two communities: one historically black, and the other predominantly white.


The Queen of Spruce Pine

This enterprising young woman with strong convictions has created a down-home market marvel through her farm and food.


The Baker’s Basics: Filling For All

For pies and people alike, what’s on the inside matters most. With enough ingenuity and imagination, any pie — from humble to haughty — is a welcome treat.


The Julep Solution

On spring and summer days, when it’s too humid to feel refined, look to the classic drink of Dixie.