Kathleen Purvis

Purvis is the food editor for The Charlotte Observer. She is the author of two Savor the South Cookbooks: Pecans and Bourbon. Purvis has been cookbook awards chair for the James Beard Awards since 2000.


Our Sweetest Symbol: Moravian Cookies

When Greensboro fourth graders decided to launch a “state cookie” campaign, they got a lesson in civics, as well as patience. It turns out, nothing about Moravian cookies is easy — except, of course, eating them.


5 Serious North Carolina Pizza Joints

Artisan pizza, with its thin crust and cheese that tastes of the woodsmoke in which it was baked, outshines its boxed-and-ready cousins. These five restaurants deliver the traditional Italian version with North Carolina ingredients.


A Wood-Fired Pizza Revolution

A taste of Naples has come to Winston-Salem. At Peyton Smith’s restaurant, the humble, cheesy pie you think you know is transformed into something you’ll never forget.


Bundles of Love

For a Venezuelan family in Charlotte, Christmas cooking goes on all month, and then some. But one special tamale-making ritual really brings home the holiday.


The Great Punch Comeback

A new generation has discovered the festive wonders of Grandma’s punch bowl. And holiday spirits have never been brighter.


Two Churches, One Table

Thanksgiving has always been about coming together. For a pair of churches in Wilmington, this year’s holiday menu is inspired by a new cookbook that connects two communities: one historically black, and the other predominantly white.