Preservation Efforts Continue Full Steam Ahead at NC Train Stations

The setting for many a joyful arrival or weepy departure, where riders clutched boxed lunches, duffle bags, and vanity cases, train stations across the state nearly fell into obsolescence. Now, these architectural and sentimental jewels are back on track, for viewing, celebrating, and, of course, catching a train.


Secrets of Sunny Point

Most everyone in Brunswick County knows about Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, the country’s largest ammunition port. But hardly anyone knows exactly what happens there.


Years After World War II, Divers Explore Wreck Site of U-352

When the German submarine U-352 was sunk during World War II, no one knew if its remains would ever be seen again. Today, divers visit the sub on almost daily excursions. But you don’t have to venture out to sea to get a glimpse of our state’s maritime history.