Coming Home to the Land of the Lumbee

Long before the Lumbee were recognized as a tribe, their heritage ran deep in Robeson County. Now one of their own has returned to her roots to help share their story.


A Special Resource for Teachers of North Carolina History

Governor Jim Hunt wrote a special message to North Carolina history teachers encouraging them to use Our State’s “50 Moments that Made NC” piece as a teaching tool in their classrooms, complete with a free PDF download.


The Pardoning of Slow Poke the Possum

Slow Poke the possum had quite the summer in 1970; he won a beauty contest, made headlines, and was pardoned from becoming Governor Bob Scott’s next meal.


The Final Voyage of the Agnes E. Fry

In 1864, a blockade runner ran aground on the coast of North Carolina. For decades, it sat within sight of shore, rusting, until finally disappearing beneath the waves. Now, it’s reappeared — and may prove to be the most significant shipwreck found in our waters in years.