The Python with a Purple Heart

How a soldier rescued a Burmese python from a dinner table during the Vietnam War and brought it back to North Carolina.


50 Years of Furniture Tradition: Part 3

High Point Market attracts furniture makers from around the world. But there’s a lot of local pride there, too. Every year, Conover-based LEE Industries connects local artisans, dealers, and retailers to celebrate furnishings that are proudly made here in North Carolina.

Decades Series

The 1950s: Piedmont Airlines Takes Flight

As commercial aviation captures the public’s imagination, conditions are just right for a North Carolina airline — born and bred in Winston-Salem — to take off.


A Pirate’s Life for NC

In the 1950s and ’60s, the Dare Coast Pirates Jamboree brought dancing, fish fries, and elaborate costumes to the Outer Banks each spring — until things got a little too rowdy.


A Slice to Remember

When pizza parlors arrived in North Carolina, the checkered tablecloths and warm, garlicky welcome changed downtown eating — and campus life — forever.