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VIDEO: Cooking with Arlene & Oliver

Put a twist on the classic PB&J for a tasty lunch.
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Zoo Animal Quiz

QUIZ: Which animal is this?

Can you guess the animal? Take the quiz and see how many you know!

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VIDEO: Cooking with Arlene & Oliver

Learn how to make a delicious no-bake banana split mini-cheesecakes!
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VIDEO: Elephants at the North Carolina Zoo

The elephant’s ear is bigger than you are! Safari Steve from the North Carolina Zoo shows you just how big that is in this video.
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Draw your own Our State Cover

Draw your favorite thing on an Our State magazine cover!
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Back Yard Backpack Safari

Go on safari in your own back yard! Take along a few tools to help you discover the sights and sounds that are right outside your back door.
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Create a Caption

These ocelot babies have something to say! Tell us what you think it is and create a caption for some fun zoo photos.
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VIDEO: The Red Wolf at the North Carolina Zoo

Go ahead, let out a howl! Safari Steve at the North Carolina Zoo shows you how to howl along with the Red Wolves.
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N.C. Coloring Pages

Enjoy these coloring pages of some of our favorite North Carolina things!
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VIDEO: The American Alligator

Safari Steve at the North Carolina Zoo tells you what’s so cool about the American Alligator.
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Nature’s Camouflage

Now you see ‘em, now you don’t! Many animals have skin or fur that helps them to blend in to their surroundings. Learn more about it!
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Ice is Nice

Polar bears like it cold! Learn about their habitat and play a game to discover some cool polar bear facts.
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The Big Drop!

Soon, the leaves will be falling right off the trees in your backyard. Learn how those tree leaves and branches can show you wind speed.
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Animals on the Move

Read about how animals migrate with the changing seasons and learn how to build a compass that will show you which way is North.
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Charming worms?

Experiment: Find a spot in your front yard and see if you can charm a worm!
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Make-Your-Own Pet Toys

You like to play and so do your pets! Here are some activities to keep your pet entertained and happy.
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Wondering which way? Ask a cow.

Just how do you ask a cow for directions?
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Bluebirds aren’t really blue!

Learn just why bluebirds aren’t blue. Includes an experiment in making blue from white.
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