Yoder’s Dutch Pantry

  • By David Bailey
  • Photography by Mark Petko and Joshua Curry

It's not hard to argue that this restaurant makes the best french toast in Eastern North Carolina.

Yoder's Dutch Pantry, Grifton NC, French Toast

Mickey Whichard lives in Wilmar, “a little spot in the road near the Craven County line on Highway 17.” He and his wife, Freda, have a small farm near where she was born and raised. They are regulars at Yoder’s Dutch Pantry.

“You have to realize this restaurant sits out in the middle of nowhere,” he says. “You get people who drive 25 to 30 miles one way to eat there … on a regular basis.”

The restaurant is part of Yoder’s Farm and Garden Supply, a Southern States outlet run by Mennonites.

“These people do all of their own bread-making,” Whichard says. “If I had to recommend one item on the menu, I’d say they’ve got some choice French toast” — made with fresh-baked bread.

Then there’s the butter syrup. “It’s the color of butter, and practically everyone who eats pancakes or French toast there has it.” Think cream, butter, and sugar all mixed up into a rich, syrupy concoction, says former restaurant manager Linda Jo Koehn.

If you go on Saturday, go early, Whichard advises. The little bakery in the middle of nowhere serves as many as 250 people on an average Saturday morning.

Yoder’s Dutch Pantry

4102 N.C. Highway 118, Grifton
(252) 244-1759

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The French toast made with fresh-baked bread.

Click here to see their breakfast menu.

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4 Responses to Yoder’s Dutch Pantry

  1. Madison Smith says:

    “The Pantry.” Absolutely & purely amazing food. There french toast is heavenly, and If only they could have Yoders every where. They have Amazing service and whenever me and my mother go they always make me laugh and joke with us. It might be a little wait… but that is how you KNOW the food is to die for…Thanks for all you do!

  2. Tom Meece says:

    Wonderful place to visit and eat breakfast or lunch.

  3. Sam "Whit" McLawhorn says:

    If and when I ever get back to the area, this will be one place that definitely will be on my agenda to try. I had not heard of this place before, and I wish you all the luck in success. It’s so good to read a nice review of something happening “back home.” Blessings, Sam McLawhorn, Lake Monticello VA

  4. Loretta Smith says:

    Hang in there mom & dad, you’re doing a great job! Can’t wait to make the 1,500 mile trip to visit ya’ll and “the pantry” again!

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