Anupama Singh
photograph by Scott Muthersbaugh

Type “tamarind” on Amazon, and Apex Food Company’s best-selling Zukti sauce pops up. Never mind her former career in IT: Anupama Singh is also a devoted foodie. So she took the flavors of her native India, knowledge from Wake Tech, and advice from helpful state agencies (“Use a ‘Z’ in the name”) and created Zukti along with a gourmet onion relish called Piaz, flavorful condiments for everything from salmon to pimento cheese. Anu is ready for your questions: Though it looks like a bean, tamarind is a fruit (with natural antioxidants), and no, the concoctions aren’t overly spicy. Her company’s slogan, “Peak of Goodness,” reflects the town of Apex’s own play on words, “Peak of Good Living.” Next up: hot sauce.

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