The August 2015 Issue

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Editor’s Welcome

Everybody Talks About It

by Elizabeth Hudson

Our State Quiz

Built Here

by Alan Hodge

State Symbol

Our Peerless Possum

by Tim Bass

Carolina Classic: Dog Days

Anything for a Treat

by Daniel Wallace

Stadium Retriever

by Jeremy Markovich

Man’s Best Friend, and More

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Field Trip

A Proper Pair of Shoes

by Drew Perry


Greetings From Variety Vacationland

by Bryan Mims

The New Old North State

A Hat, a Heritage

by Christina Cooke


Pickles, Please

by Andrea Weigl

Recipes: Four Ways With Watermelon

by Wendy Perry

Reviving Spirits

by Amy Rogers

Photo Essay

Lake Lure

The mountain waters where Dirty Dancing and days on the dock find their perfect setting.

Features: What Makes Us Southern

Denim: The Deepest Blue

Two Greensboro men bring denim back home.
by Jeremy Markovich


A collection of old denim, and its history, discovered in the woods.
by Jeremy Markovich

Red Velvet: Our Scarlet Mystery

A piece of history thought to be lost forever: the Dolley Madison Dress.
by Susan Stafford Kelly

Icon: Alexander the Great

Chapel Hill icon Alexander Julian and the call that changed his life.
by Tim Crothers

Sewing: Bolts of Inspiration

The Gastonia store for fervent fabric fans.
by Cynthia Lewis

Lace’s New Look

A Raleigh artist turns fragile fabric into heirloom jewelry.
by Susan Stafford Kelly

Monograms: Letter Perfect

Holding forth on the South’s peculiar penchant for personalizing.
by Susan Stafford Kelly

Shoes: Saving Soles

Cobblers at Man Mur Shoe Shop in Raleigh give the gift of new life.
by T. Edward Nickens

Trucker Hats: Carolina Caps

Without plastic mesh and a foam front, it’s not the genuine article.
by Bryan Mims

Seersucker: Pucker Up

Is it time to take the plunge into the South’s favorite stripes?
by Scott Huler

City Couture: Fashion Forward

10,000 historic articles of clothing: The Fashion Collection at Charlotte’s Mint Museum.
by Susan Stafford Kelly

Designers: Homegrown Design

Meet the new crop of fashion entrepreneurs.
by Anjelique Kyriakos

Out & About

Durham’s Piano Man

by Anjelique Kyriakos

NC Native