T. Edward Nickens

Nickens is editor-at-large of Field & Stream and the author of The Total Outdoorsman Manual. His articles also appear in Smithsonian and Audubon magazines.

Ramblin' Man

Tiny Pilots Take Flight

The cutest critters that most North Carolinians never see tend to stay above the fray. But you’d better believe that flying squirrels are there, gliding gracefully from tree to tree.


The Space Between

The tidal inlets that separate our barrier islands are a living, breathing symbol of our coast — the ever-changing portals between sound and sea.


Where the Wild Berries Are

Every summer, our intrepid “Bramblin’ Man” heads into thorny thickets across North Carolina, braving bugs and briars for the promise of blackberry cobbler.


Ramblin’ Man: Love on the Wing

They fight, they flit, they sing and swoop. If they’re lucky, these lovebirds will find themselves a mate this spring — while putting on a show for the rest of us.


Ramblin’ Man: A Taste of Sunshine

Jars of last year’s harvest — lovingly put up and generously gifted — promise a pop! of warmth during the waning days of winter.