Robyn Yiğit Smith

Robyn Yiğit Smith has worked internationally as a journalist, writer, and documentary film producer. She lives in Chapel Hill with her two boys.


Paddling for Pie on the Roanoke River

The Roanoke River is home to snakes, bears, bobcats — and perfect, old-fashioned pie. Two sisters set off in search of a slice and find so much more.


The Giving Cake

Hard to make and harder to love, yet enduring as Christmas itself: Fruitcake is easy to take for granted — until it’s time for the next generation to embrace the tradition. Then, everybody wants a piece.


The Church on the Pamlico

At a homegrown sanctuary on the Pamlico, mighty waters carry generations through every twist and turn in life. Shoes are optional. Bug spray isn’t.


Remembering the Family Mules

Pulling a heavy load of history, mules were once considered family — at least, until tractors came along. But in certain quarters, our long-eared, hardheaded friends never went out of style.


City Portrait: Washington

In this beloved town at the heart of the Albemarle-Pamlico estuary, everything begins and ends with the water.