Robyn Yiğit Smith

Robyn Yiğit Smith has worked internationally as a journalist, writer, and documentary film producer. She lives in Chapel Hill with her two boys.


The State of Oysters

An intense hurricane season put North Carolina’s shellfish industry into jeopardy. Today, oyster lovers can breathe a sigh of relief.


Pickle It. Jam It. Win It.

It’s judgment day at the State Fair’s food preservation competitions: Lids pop, judges dig in, and the anticipation is so thick you could spread it on a nice, warm piece of toast.


Ambition Blooms

In flower and gardening categories, State Fair competitors with green thumbs (or not) pin their hopes on plants that often have a mind of their own.


My Life in Tents

Being prepared isn’t always possible in life — or in the woods. The best wilderness adventures test our mettle and require a brazen embrace of uncertainty.


The Mystery of Badin Lake

A wartime tragedy became lake lore in Stanly County. Setting the record straight, easing the heartbreak, and putting rumors to rest has taken more than 75 years — and counting.


Gidget Grown Up: Jo Pickett

Legendary East Coast surfer Jo Pickett travels the world, chasing waves. But she makes her home in Wilmington, where Carolina’s blue swells remind her of family and the importance of living fearlessly.


Paddling for Pie on the Roanoke River

The Roanoke River is home to snakes, bears, bobcats — and perfect, old-fashioned pie. Two sisters set off in search of a slice and find so much more.