Art isn’t confined to a gallery or museum anymore. It turns up in the most pedestrian of places, such as the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Placing art in airports opens up a world of opportunities for travelers to experience local talent and gain insight into an area even with a limited amount of time. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an epicenter for art in airports. With its collection of “Just Plane Art,” a replica of the Wright Brother’s Wright Flyer, and a statue of Queen Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas anchors visitors to North Carolina, showcasing state history and present-day Charlotte. Whether coming or going, travelers now take note when they pass through the Queen City.

What You’ll See

Wright Flyer
Installed: December 2003
Location: Entrance of concourse E
Description: Half-size reproduction of the original 1903 Wright Flyer that Orville and Wilbur Wright flew on December 17, 1903, marking the first powered flight
Creator: Aircraft Replicas LTD., a British aviation-design company

Postcards from North Carolina
Installed: October 2007
Location: Baggage claim/ticketing
Description: Six pieces of cut metal showcase the Charlotte skyline, and the North Carolina mountains and coast
Creator: Beatrice Coron

Installed: October 2003
Location: Concourse E
Description: The mural depicts NASCAR drivers and salutes NASCAR’s all-star race, which began in Charlotte in 1985; moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1986; and returned to Charlotte in 1987
Creator: David Arrigo

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway
Charlotte, N.C. 28208
(704) 359-4000

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