The only thing more unusual than the wooden shelves (made from the logs of old cabins) in Colorshow Gallery in Asheboro is the pottery that sits on them. Betsy Browne’s pottery is her passion, and it is the driving force behind Colorshow Gallery, which she opened last June.

Since its opening, Colorshow has grown to include more than 30 artists. Browne says she doesn’t find new artists. “They find me,” she says.

The main showroom plays host to more than just art. Colorshow holds regularly scheduled classes, like Fiber Friends, a knitting class. The art is diverse, ranging from jewelry to pottery, from fabrics to dog accessories.

Browne opened the gallery to highlight local artists and show the community a new way to look at art. But her own personal interest in art still lies at the core of her inspiration — she says there are few things like working with her hands.

Which may be why, at Colorshow Gallery, there’s only one rule:

“Please touch.”

Touchable Art

North Carolina native Amy Keith Barney is a librarian by day and artist at night. She likes to stain glass and make jewelry and dolls.
Betsy Browne adds porcelain dots to her pottery to give it added texture and interrupt the smoothness of the piece.
Mary Murkin’s crocheted rugs are elegant, but practical enough for everyday use.

Colorshow Gallery
151 North Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, N.C. 27203
(336) 685-1136

Carson Blackwelder was an editorial intern at Our State in fall 2011.

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