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The drive to Saxapahaw winds along curving country roads lined with tall grass and not much else. Roll down your windows to hear the hum of cicadas, to smell the sweetness of wisteria. You’ll soon understand that this little riverside town isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It’s the kind of somewhere you could stay awhile.

The former cotton mill, now called the Rivermill, is the center of activity here, just as it was for its 146 years of operation. But despite its tiny size, Saxapahaw has all the makings of a perfect day.

Here, you can choose your own adventure: Pull up a chair at the legendary Saxapahaw General Store for a BLT and a root beer, or pop in to pick up picnic provisions for an afternoon kayak trip. Grab an iced coffee from Cup 22 and stroll the trails that run along the Haw, or sit in the shade and read a good book with a cold craft brew. The red-brick mill once defined this town. Today, the town is redefining the mill.

















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