The companies below were featured in the “Made in NC” section of the July 2016 issue. Visit their sites to learn more and shop local.

Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts

A&B Milling Company proudly presents Aunt Ruby’s peanut products and gifts from North Carolina’s historic Halifax County, one of the largest peanut producing counties in the state. Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts have been pleasing generations of peanut lovers for more than 50 years.

Visit Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts website to learn more and shop their variety of products.

The Cargo Hold

“Beautiful wrought ironwork in gates, grilles, and balconies can be seen in historic cities across the country and around the globe. These scroll designs inspired the Southern Gates® and the infinite combinations of patterns continue to influence the newest pieces in the Collection. With over 250 styles in pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, the Southern Gates® are forever growing and evolving within the jewelry market. The styles are as timeless as the physical gates after which they are modeled.”

– via Southern Gates Jewelry website

Our State Store Mixing Bowls

This set of three nesting mixing bowls is handmade in North Carolina by potter Robin Beckett. Each bowl features a handy pouring spout and is crafted with care to fit comfortably inside one another for easy storage.

Visit the Our State Store website to learn more and buy the mixing bowl set.

Pinehurst Pottery

Located in the Village of Pinehurst, Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills gallery features work by 20 of the finest potters in Seagrove and across the state. You’ll find the diverse styles and techniques of Seagrove, as well as handcrafted utilitarian, decorative, and museum quality pottery.

Visit to learn more and to shop from a variety of pottery collections.

Heath’s Cheese Straws

Ritchie Hill Bakery was founded in 2010 by brother and sister team Heath Ritchie and Beth Alm. Their secret family recipe has passed from generation to generation for over 100 years. The bakery resides at the historic Old Creamery building in Concord, where nephew and chef Charles Ritchie helps bake Heath’s Cheese Straws every day.

Visit to learn more and shop their cheese straws online.

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