1. Be flexible. Your goal as an extra is to bring the script and director’s vision to life. This may involve changing your hair, makeup, or clothes. In order to give a quality performance, your willingness to modify your appearance or actions is critical.

2. Take direction. Extras do not need special training or previous experience, but it is important that you are able to listen closely to their directions and adapt to the director’s suggestions. As an extra, you do not want to be a reason they have to reshoot a scene.

3. Have patience. Not every extra will be used in all of the scenes. There will be periods during auditions or on set when you will have to wait in a holding area. Many experienced extras bring books, laptops, or playing cards, but you can also use this time to your advantage by networking.

4. Find postings via Facebook. Check out Revo Casting Calls, Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, Vanessa NCasting, and Marty Siu Casting.

5. Register with North Carolina Film Office to have access to their “Current Productions” page.

Information provided by Film NC, the North Carolina Film Office. 

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