The Story of Tobacco Barns in North Carolina

Tobacco barns once numbered a half million and were fixtures on farms across the state. Today, only about 50,000 still stand, vestiges of the tobacco industry, deteriorating reminders of the leaves’ influence on our culture.


Farm to Table to Classroom

With the goal of teaching culinary students how to implement local food sources, Cape Fear Community College is set to introduce its first-ever farm to table course.

June 2012

Storing Summertime

Jars of produce from Trenton preserve the season’s best.

June 2012

The Watermelon Man

Todd Dawson grows record-setting fruit in his Garner backyard.


Doorstep Delivery

A Carolina Beach couple makes fresh products a priority.

May 2012

The Best Berry

Could the North Carolina strawberry become a year-round crop?

April 2012


In early spring, North Carolina farmers plant a root crop that prospers all year long.