photograph by Joey Seawell

When Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera head into The Tiny Greenhouse each morning, it feels like their own jungle oasis. By late 2015, the couple had been designing and selling greeting cards and art prints out of their Greensboro home for five years when fate — and a promise to Suzanne’s late father — brought them a fresh start in the new year. It was, they say, meant to be. Since then, their shop has provided a cozy space for an array of their passions: greeting cards and artwork; an ever-changing assortment of quirky vintage finds; journals, patches, and pins; and, of course, lots of plants. And the self-described introverts have been surprised, not just at the warm response from customers, but by their own love for the shop. “It’s been so rewarding,” Suzanne says. “You get to meet people where they are. You see that there is some kindness in this world.” For prospective plant owners, heed this encouragement: “People have an innate need to nurture,” Edgar says. “We can nourish a plant, care for it, listen to it.” And for those with a bad track record, take heart in knowing that it’s a process, even for experts: “Oh, it’s been a massacre over the years,” Edgar laughs. “It takes patience and fine-tuning.” Patience that comes in handy during the five hours it takes Edgar to water the store. But does he mind? “You kidding me? It’s the best.”

The Tiny Greenhouse
1331 Beaman Place
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 420-3064

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Katie Schanze is the assistant editor and digital editor of Our State.