Lane DeGregory

DeGregory won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing in 2009 as a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. She has won dozens of other national journalism awards and has taught at universities and conferences across the country.


The Perquimans River Inspires a Reverend’s Homecoming

God took the Rev. Corbin Cherry around the world, to war zones and the White House, to meet leaders and the homeless, and to serve and help others. Now, the Perquimans River has brought him home.


Meet the Ferryman of the Outer Banks

Getting to Portsmouth Island from Ocracoke has never been easy, but one family has made it possible for the past 40 years. Will the next generation continue the tradition? Time will tell.


All Roads Lead to Burrus Red & White Supermarket

Four generations of Allen Burrus’s family have run the grocery that sits at the heart of Hatteras Island. Burrus hopes he’s not the last.


The Sound of Community: Carolina Gold

On weekends, when other guys his age are content with kicking back and listening to music, Joe Allen is sweating his way through marching band routines — and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Ocean Isle Oasis: The Winds Resort Beach Club

Forty years ago, an advertising artist from New York and his wife found an island paradise. Today, their children take care of their widower father and the resort that their parents created.


Drawn to the Light

Dozens of lighthouse keepers and their families have called Bodie Island Lighthouse home. Hundreds of those keepers’ descendants returned to see the newly renovated beacon, share stories of living on the island, and take in the view that once belonged only to them.