Ronni Lundy

Ronni Lundy is the author of Sorghum's Savor. Her most recent book is Victuals: An Appalachian Journey, with Recipes.


Filling Station Turned Five-Star Restaurant: Star Diner

In tiny Marshall, a new bright spot has appeared on the Blue Ridge Mountains dining scene: Star Diner. Located in a former gas station, this acclaimed restaurant is one of many local businesses reinventing retro spaces.


Benne Flies High on Eagle

A new restaurant in a historic African-American neighborhood in Asheville finds the soul of Appalachian cuisine.


Spreading the Love

Bread’s best friend isn’t butter (unless you’re talking about the apple kind). That honor belongs to seasonal fruit picked fresh and preserved in all its smashed, jammed, and jellied glory.


Melting Pot: Buttermilk Soup in Asheville

Asheville chef John Fleer may not have grown up eating buttermilk soup, but he has perfected the Appalachian taste over the years. Learn his recipe for the dish.