Sheri Castle

Sheri Castle hails from Watauga County, but came down off the mountain to go to Carolina and now lives in Fearrington Village. She is a writer, recipe developer, cooking teacher, and popular public speaker. She is fueled by mountains, excellent bourbon, farmers’ markets, and searching for the right word. Sheri believes that stories happen only to those who can tell them. Check her out at


Ronnie’s Got the Goods

Everything at Ronnie’s Country Store in Winston-Salem takes you back and fills you up. On that, even our poets and politicians can agree.


All Rise

Heirloom grains are enjoying a renaissance, as are the traditions of the people who bring the taste of the past back to life.


The Baker’s Basics: The Meringue

Mastering meringue is a baker’s rite of passage. Those sweet golden peaks don’t always come easily, but they sure can turn any pie — from lemon to chocolate — into an event.


Smoke Signals Bakery in Marshall

In the hills of Marshall, a small bakery — with a very special wood-burning oven — draws bakers to the warmth of its hearth and the wisdom of its owner.


Supper with Three Sisters

The Cherokee trio of corn, beans, and squash have long been grown together for a more robust harvest and superior flavor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll see them all on one plate. (Well, maybe, if you know where to look.)


Slow-Cooked Comfort

When there’s a chill in the air, slow cookers offer steady warmth and timeless tastes.