photograph by Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr

Yields: 4 servings. 

2 large peaches

1 tablespoon coconut oil

Vanilla ice cream

Caramel Sauce

½ cup sugar

½ stick butter

¼ cup cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Begin by making your caramel sauce. In a heavy skillet melt the sugar, stirring constantly. Sugar will clump and then melt, continue to stir as it turns amber brown.

Cube butter and stir into sugar until combined. Remove from heat and add cream. Stir rapidly until fully incorporated. Add in vanilla extract and allow cooling.

Slice peaches in half. Brush each half with coconut oil. Grill peaches flesh side down for 5-6 minutes or until tender. Serve hot with ice cream and drizzled caramel sauce.

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Rosemond-Hoerr is a food blogger and photographer who draws on her grandmother’s traditional Southern cooking for inspiration.