New version! New features! New updates available for the TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA app, powered by Our State magazine.

Travel NC App

TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA is your go-to guide for exploring the Tar Heel state – and traveling just got easier with new updates to the app!

Whether you live in North Carolina or are visiting, this free app leads you to attractions, historical sites, lighthouses, national and state parks, outdoor adventures, museums, shopping, wineries, and more!

Available for use on the iPhone and Android!

Download today!


Already have the app? Get the new version by simply updating the app using your smartphone’s regular update process.

New Features Include:

  • Easy-to-navigate lodging, attractions, dining, and shopping
  • 36-Hour Guides to our Tar Heel Towns
  • “Near Me” function shows what’s nearby as you explore
  • Plan your trip using city, region, or keyword searches
  • “Local Favorites” gives you a tour of an area
  • “Editor’s Picks” include points of interest from the magazine
  • Tag your favorites and build your own itinerary
  • Send a postcard from the app sharing your adventures

About the App

TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA is conveniently organized to help you explore the state. Looking for a place to say on your trip to the beach? Click “Stay” and you’ll find options for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and more. Wondering where to eat on your next road trip? Click “Eat & Drink” to see restaurants, diners, and breakfast joints that will fit the bill. Thinking about mountain attractions for the family to visit? Click “Go and Do” and you’ll find parks, outdoor adventures, museums and more. Points of interest can be searched by city, by region, or by what’s nearest to you as you travel the open North Carolina road.

When you open a point of interest to learn more, you’ll find a detailed description, contact information, and photos to help you learn more.

TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA is powered by Our State magazine – the premiere statewide magazine devoted to North Carolina travel, history, people, and places since 1933.

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  1. Hello Our State Travel App:

    Please add our farm stay as a place for women to stay. thanx!

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  3. Lisa says:

    Will you be making an app for Windows phones?

  4. Whalehead says:

    How do you get the information and become an attraction on the app?

  5. Paul Tucker says:

    New version! New features!
    New updates to Our State’s travel app, TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA, make traveling even easier. The app now features new menus, easier navigation, and “local favorites” tours for lodging, attractions, food, and shopping around the state. Free to download for iPhone and Android.

    Click here to learn more and to download the app!

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  7. jim says:

    i think it is a wonderful tool!!!!!!!!

  8. Joan Penney says:

    Any plans to add coffee roasteries? BoogieBeans (Apex), Larry’s Beans (Raleigh)

    Thank you,

  9. Ron says:

    Okay, I cannot get a download from the Android Market for my
    tablet,…would love to use the app, but seems we tablet users
    are left out in the cold,…I use my Asus Tablet everywhere as does my wife, can something be done for tablet users?

  10. Aaron Yarbrough says:

    I have a suggestion to add to your wonderful app. I would like to see an extension to the app to include street festivals or music festivals. This is my favorite time of the year when I go from one festival to the other each weekend. I would like to see what is going on in the area whether it be arts and crafts, fun or music (I love Carolina Beach Music!). Maybe you can have a calendar of events for the month so we can plan for some of these festivals. Just a thought. I know as great as the app is now, it will only get better!

  11. Myra says:

    Would love to access the information, but it is not available for Blackberry users…will it be available in the future? Quite a few Blackberry users would like access to the app!

  12. david bonsall says:

    Are they going to have an app for kindle fire.

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  14. Matlynn Yeoman says:

    When will you have the app available for Blackberry users?

  15. LuLu says:

    As a “senior” I do not have all the new fancy devices! Can I just get info via my computer? New to the state – would love to have all this info! LuLu

  16. Angela says:

    Just downloaded the app to my itouch but can’t find it on there, any suggestions?

    • ourstate says:

      Hi Angela, if the app still has not appeared on your iTouch, you may try downloading it again. If this does not work, please feel free to give us a call at 800-948-1409 and we will do our best to help!

  17. Tom says:

    For a free app, I was surprised that it needs access to “Services that cost you money: “. Which services? How much money?

    • ourstate says:

      Hi Tom, There is no cost for use of the app or access to its contents. As is the case for most apps, you must have a data plan with your phone service provider. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 800-948-1409.

  18. Sam says:

    Hey, I’m an old fogie. Can I just print parts of it out on paper?!

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  20. says:

    Have enjoyed using this app so far, however I cannot log in to my twitter account to share my trips. I can click on authorize app but it does nothing. Fixing this and, as mentioned before, adding breweries would be a step in the right direction!

  21. jim marasco says:

    Just downloaded the iPhone app but was unable to find it for my iPad. If available it usually downloads to both simultaneously. Is it still in the development stage?

    • ourstate says:

      Jim, the iPhone version does function on the iPad. However, you have to load it onto the iPad from the iPhone app store. Hopefully this helps. Thanks for downloading and supporting Our State!

  22. Josh says:

    I just download the app and found a tab for wineries but nothing for breweries. There are nearly 50 NC craft breweries affiliated with the NC Brewers Guild and many others that are not. I feel you are missing a large piece of information there.

    • ourstate says:

      Josh, thanks for downloading and giving us some feedback! We are definitely working to expand the app and will be including breweries in the future. Again, thanks for your thoughts and sharing the information about the NC Brewers Guild.

  23. Terri says:

    I just tried your Travel North Carolina app and it seems like it will be useful. However, of the few things I checked (Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, some breakfast places), there was no listing of days open or times. One breakfast place said to go early if going on Saturday, but what is early, and are they open on other days? If we are going to drive all over the state, I would like to know if a place is open before I go.

    • ourstate says:

      Terri, thanks for downloading the app and for giving us some feedback. We’ll look to include that information as the app continues to grow. As with information that appears in both the magazine and on the app, we recommend you call before going to verify hours of operation. Many mountain and coastal establishments have hours that may vary greatly between seasons. In order to save a step while you’re using the app, you can click on the phone number and you’ll be connected to call or click on the website address provided and you’ll be right on that point of interest’s website.

      Again, thanks for your thoughts! We look forward to continue to grow the app and including more information and features as we do!

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