Jeffrey Turner

Jeffrey Turner is an assistant account executive for MMI, a communications firm in Raleigh. He is a former assistant editor at Our State and graduate of Wake Forest University.


Winter Farmers Markets

North Carolina ranks third in the nation in the number of winter farmers markets. Find out what makes these six winter markets worth a visit.

June 2013

Good as Gold

The N.C. 4-H organization has a history of inspiring the next generation of cooks.


The Story of the Swing Bridge at Surf City

At least four generations of travelers have crossed the swing bridge that connects mainland North Carolina to Topsail Island. After so many people and so many years, the bridge has become a landmark. It marks a vacation’s beginning and end. It’s wonderfully out of step. It has a lot of character. And soon, it may be gone.


The Church Cookbook

For so many in North Carolina, compiling or contributing to a church cookbook is another way to serve.