Talk is the hallmark of a snow day in Carolina. It starts early, in ripples, and at some point, the weather’s all you’re likely to hear about. We just want to be prepared. And surely, on some level, we’re looking forward to a day off. Under the right circumstances — weekday, short to-do list, stocked fridge, power stays on, everyone’s home together — a snow day is a gift, a reprieve, a pass to do nothing except enjoy the quiet.— Katie Saintsing

Snow Dazed.

snow dazedOn bread, milk, and North Carolina’s complicated relationship with winter weather.

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The Weatherman of Ashe County

A Creston resident reads the world around him — rather than charts and graphs — to forecast the weather.

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Snow Day Recipes from the Our State Staff

snow day recipes When the big storm hits, throw a soul-warming dish on the stove and another log on the fire. Our State staff members provide their favorite snow day recipes made with ingredients already in the pantry.

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