The September 2017 Issue
photograph by Chris Hannant

A Special Message from:
The Honorable James B. Hunt, Jr.
Governor of North Carolina

1977-1985 | 1993-2001

Dear Teachers,

Before I tell you about a new resource for those of you teaching North Carolina history, I want to thank you for all that you do. I know the difference my teachers made in my life and the difference my mother and my wife, both excellent teachers, made for their students. Good teachers like you are the reason I worked so hard when I was Governor to ensure that our public schools had the funding they needed and that you had the higher salaries you deserved. You can be certain that I’m still working for that.

I love our beautiful state and loved learning its history when I was in school because great teachers made the stories about North Carolina come alive. I still love traveling the state, discovering stories about its people and places, and taking in its beauty — whether that’s flat fields of corn in the east, rocky ridges in the west, or beaches I walk with my grandkids.

Our State, a wonderful magazine for native and new Tar Heels, has created a special resource for you teachers of NC history. You can download this free resource here. It has information on 50 notable people and events that have shaped our state and continue to affect us. I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I did. I hope, too, that it will be helpful to you as you make history come alive for your students as my teachers did for me.

Your work as teachers is vital. I know you may not always feel appreciated and you aren’t rewarded monetarily as you should be, but I hope you know that your work makes a difference to some child every day. Public education is a force for good for our people, for our economy, and for our democracy. That’s why I will keep working to increase funding for our public schools and to ensure that you get the respect and pay you deserve. Our children will thrive if we do right by you and our public schools.

My warmest personal regards.


James B. Hunt, Jr.


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