Top Chefs

In honor of our quiz contributor’s 35th year with Our State, we have a special, digitally exclusive extension of the January 2024 issue’s quiz. Put your knowledge to the test to see how well you know North Carolina chefs.

This is NC

Mt. Olive Pickles

When met with a surplus of produce, Southerners turn to Ball jars of brine. In one Wayne County railroad town, this led to the launch of a booming business — and a small town’s identity.



North Carolina Originals

You might know from our license plates that North Carolina was “First in Flight” and “First in Freedom,” but our state is also the proud birthplace of tinctures, treats, and time-honored traditions.

A Happy Tail

Honey Bee’s new family didn’t mean to adopt a pet. They had big plans to foster pups in need. Then they met a little yellow dog with a friendly bark and a spring in her step.

Homespun Memories