Track Stars

Before NASCAR, stock car racing started with men hauling moonshine on North Carolina’s back roads.

Welcome Home

Whispering Pine in Cashiers

One of the first settlers in Jackson County built a house for his family that still stands more than a century and a half later. Those who called the place home left their mark — and their memories — on the wooden walls.

NC Icons: Peaches

Nothing beats the sweet promise of a summer peach grown in the Sandhills. At Kalawi Farm in Eagle Springs, a third-generation peach farmer ensures the tradition lives on.

90th Anniversary


A Toast to Summer Camp

For two parents of former campers, re-creating a pickup weekend involves a trip to Surry County, a visit to Shelton Vineyards, and fond recollections of past reunions. But no kids.

Fruit Full

From our fertile soils bursts a colorful bounty. With hard work and a tender touch, farmers across the state provide us with the sweet taste of summer.

Rock ’N’ Roll Royalty

Rock, Roll, & Remember

Across North Carolina and through the years, artists of all stripes have contributed to an ever-evolving genre of music that’s defined by its edginess and energy.

Walls of Fame: 17 Musical Murals

A muralist set out to honor North Carolina’s musical heritage by painting portraits of notable artists — some famous rockers and others musicians who inspired them — in the towns and cities that they once called home.

Ludwig Drums: The Beat Goes On

During their historic 1964 debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles instantly made Ludwig the world’s most recognizable drum brand, inspiring a young musician in Charlotte to form his own fab four. At a factory in Monroe, Ludwig is still making those same drums.

Jumpin’ at the Juke Joint

They didn’t look like much from the outside, but across North Carolina, general stores and barns and even cabins were the place to be when the jukebox started playing.

Legendary Carolina Rock Concerts: Were You There?

The roar of the crowds, the elaborate sets, the life-changing performances by artists who would become some of the world’s most legendary music acts: These memorable concerts are cemented in North Carolina’s rock ’n’ roll history — and in the memories of devoted fans.