A Revolutionary Tea Party

Edenton, a former port town on Albemarle Sound, has been called one of America’s prettiest towns. Its rich history makes it a true North Carolina treasure.

Decades Series

Learning, the Black Mountain Way

An experiment with innovative teachers and a nontraditional curriculum yields a controversial educational experience.


Our State Quiz: Resting Place

In historic cemeteries across the state, North Carolinians from all walks of life lie bound by the earth to their Carolina home.

Decades Series

Workers Unite

A group of black women in Winston-Salem takes a stand to demand better wages and safer working conditions. The movement they start grows into a short-lived, but effective, labor union.


Major Moments in Tar Heel Tennis

When it comes to college basketball, minor league baseball, and professional football, North Carolina’s athletic achievements are well-known. Now, it’s time to serve up another side of our state’s sporting history — tennis.

1940s Series

A Mighty Storm

A late summer hurricane slams the Outer Banks, leaving a path of destruction like nothing North Carolina’s coast has ever seen before.