Jeremy Markovich

Markovich is a senior editor/writer at Our State, and a former special content producer for NBC Charlotte. He has won two 2011 regional Emmy Awards and regional Edward R. Murrow awards along with the 2011 Green Eyeshade award for Magazine Feature Writing, the 2010 National City and Regional Magazine Award for Personality Profile, the 2010 Clarion Award for a Magazine Feature Article, and the 2010 Green Eyeshade Award’s Best-In-Show for Non Daily Print Journalism.


Wake & Lake

Spend a postcard-perfect afternoon lounging on a dock or catching air behind a boat, and one question will surely cross your mind: How can I make lake life real life? Three generations of the Fields family have found the answer on Lake Gaston.


The Round That Changed A Town

One afternoon in 1955, six black men played golf on a whites-only course. What happened next pushed Greensboro toward integration and turned a local dentist into a civil rights icon.


House Proud

The modest homes anchored in coves on Fontana Lake redefine what it means to live on the water. So when this singular community faced the real possibility of eviction, folks joined forces to keep afloat.


The World, In Whiteville

The Chef and the Frog has its roots in Asia and Europe, its growth in good luck, and a home in eastern North Carolina.


William Byrd’s Burn Book

William Byrd II of Virginia was one of the surveyors in charge of physically drawing the North Carolina/Virginia state line. He was not, however, a fan of North Carolinians, as his writings reveal.


Remote or Knott

People sometimes ask, “Where am I?” when they reach Knotts Island. Usually, they’re serious.